IMG_2845-2Reinier Vigoa has never shown at Envision, but he’s ready to jump into the elegant evening of fashion with a glamorous collection at the show’s 10th anniversary.


For Reinier Vigoa, there was a definitive moment in growing up and attending an arts high school when he realized himself as a designer.  While sketching a model from a magazine wearing an iconic little black dress, Vigoa decided to visually alter the dress in his drawing.  Reinier had always been drawn to fashion, but this discovery of clothing design would influence the designer’s move from the Caribbean to Miami’s bustling fashion scene.


You can take the designer out of the Caribbean, but Vigoa says that coming from a tropical climate and living in Miami will always be in the DNA of the Reinier Vigoa brand.  Whatever the season, his designs tend towards the sexier side of warm weather fashion, where there’s always a little bit of skin.  As for inspiration, Vigoa soaks up magazines, social media, pop culture, and fashion.  He tells us that when he sits down to sketch, it all comes back out in the form of ideas that finds beautiful in the moment.


Now living in Minnesota, Reinier will debut his first fall collection at Envision’s highly anticipated 10th anniversary show.  It is the designer’s first time creating a collection for cooler weather, but fans can rest assured that this elegant assortment maintains the sensuality of the brand.  Vigoa jumps into the monumental celebration of the show with a rich textural palette of crepe back satins, taffeta and velvet jacquards, peachskins, and wools with more color than ever in rust, deep blues, and mint.


Don’t miss Reinier Vigoa’s debut fall collection where meets shivery weather meets sexy design on the runway at Envision’s 20th season.  Get your tickets today before they’re gone!