For local Twin Cities brand, Kindred Folk, this fall’s special anniversary Envision is even more exciting than for most. Kindred Folk, designed by Kimberly Jurek and Jen Chilstrom, is the new direction of brand Kjurek, and the label hasn’t just been showing at Envision since the beginning. In ten years and twenty seasons, they’ve never skipped a show.


Together, Kimberly and Jen are friends, designers, and co-owners of the Lyn-Lake boutique, Showroom. They’re also a blast to speak with about their upcoming Kindred Folk collection which is elementally inspired by gold. With descriptors like artisan luxe, soft, gold, and arabesque, the work coming from the new direction of the brand is enough to work up anyone’s fashion appetite. Envision attendees can look forward to heavily brocaded fabrics, highly developed hand-painting techniques, new risk taking silhouettes and complicated construction, and one particularly coveted coat.


Melding their boho roots with an artisan gold inspiration has yielded what the designers call a soft power. Within the heavily decadent designs and fabrics, Kindred Folk promises to deliver something fierce to the runway, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be boho. A compelling concept, the designers have found within the collection an exciting intersection between their traditionally soft style and channeling feminism through strong design. Kindred Folk’s mission is to deliver “boho chic adornment for those star folks in the sky,” and fans won’t want to miss this dreamy label’s debut at Envision Fall 2016.


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