With owners that are champion supporters of local design, Uptown Minneapolis boutique, Cliché, is the only store to join the ranks of local designer talent at Envision’s special 10 year anniversary.


Ten years ago, as the highly anticipated runway show, Envision, was just getting its start, Cliché was making the transition from a vintage shop to a boutique carrying new and local design.  In this way, Cliché and Envision grew up together from the start.  The boutique never misses a season, and, it always brings a fresh and funky collection to the runway.


Cliché is located at 2403 Lyndale Avenue in the busy Uptown Minneapolis neighborhood.  As a locally owned women’s fashion and accessories boutique with over a decade in business, Cliché has stood the test of time.  The active shop hosted spring 2015’s Fashion Week Minnesota kick off party and often collaborates on custom collections with Twin Cities designers.


Owners Delayna and Joshua Sundberg take full advantage of the opportunity to participate in a fashion show, using the runway as both an outlet for out of the box ideas and a way to bring their boutique’s clothes to life.  Whether it’s goth pilgrims or an out of this world pop art inspiration, Cliché’s presentations are always perfectly narrative and bizarre, and they usually begin with a new interest or a Netflix documentary rabbit hole.


Don’t miss the opportunity to see Cliché’s clothes in action on September 24 at Envision’s 10 year anniversary show.  Get your tickets today!