George Moskal’s new fall collection for Envision’s impressive 20th season is a different kind of animal.


Wisconsin native George Moskal has been working out of the Twin Cities for the last 15 years after completing his studies in Apparel Design at the University of Wisconsin- Stout and interning in London.  As Envision celebrates 10 years of showcasing local fashion, the design veteran takes the opportunity to give fans a feast for the eyes with his rich collection and to have some fun himself.


Utilizing some wildly embellished and naturally inspired fabrics, Moskal says the collection has been a treat to work with.  Looking at the pleated fabrics of designer Fortuny’s work was the launching board for this season’s inspiration and made way for the collection’s natural color palette.  From there, Moskal gathered the textural fabrics that give life to the work.  The designs feature luxe velvets, contrast beading, fluffy faux furs, and even feathers.  Although these materials can make quite the mess in construction, George still can’t wait to see his favorite design, a feather and lace concoction, take flight.


George Moskal will debut his spirited collection at Envision Fall 2016.  Don’t miss this collection come to life on the runway at Envison’s 20th season on Saturday, September 24.


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