1526294_10205837484089655_7102978403067043596_nDesigner Isaac West of ColdVenus dares to be different with his premiere Envision collection to be debuted this Saturday, September 24.


Isaac West has never shown his brand ColdVenus at Envision, but he knew the prestigious showcase was the place for his new collection after experiencing last season from the front row.  Once he had witnessed the energy of the long established local fashion event and the potential within the designer community, no other show was going to make the cut for West’s new work.


A natural born artist, Isaac West grew up with a love of drawing and painting along with a natural curiosity and keen eye for fashion.  In making the seamless transition to apparel design, he still uses his skills with watercolor to within his sketching process.  As in painting, color is integral to each ColdVenus collection.  Inspired by the complexity of autumn leaves, the new season from the line focuses on rich, fall shades in warm hues that are accented by cooler tones.  At the show, West most looks forward to seeing a gold dress in his favorite silk hit the runway.  Like the cornerstones of his brand, the look is beautiful, simple, classic, and all about being different.


Don’t miss the first time a ColdVenus collection will hit the Envision runway at the show’s special 10th anniversary on Saturday, September 24.  Get your tickets before they’re gone!  www.envisionmpls.com