Envision Fall 2016 Designer Profile: Kyra Deva

KyraKyra Deva joins the talented ranks of Envision designers this September at the show’s 10 Year anniversary.  While she’s new to Envision, the designer is no stranger to the world of fashion.  The Minneapolis local received her Bachelors in Textile and Apparel Design from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and spent an impressive senior year at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.  Even before pursuing her formal education, Kyra always knew that she had what she considers an abnormal love for clothes.


The passion shows in her upcoming collection.  With her first trip to Paris booked for the spring, the designer turned to The City of Light for inspiration.  Taking cues from the clean lines of the Eiffel Tower, the opulent details of Versailles, and even the quiet confidence of the Parisian people, the fall line promises to romance the crowd.  A lover of utilizing both high quality fabrics and texture, Kyra Deva uses only the best when it comes to creating for her brand.  Within the collection, fans will even spot a unique vintage faux fur, originally intended for creating high end teddy bears.


As for what she most looks forward to about the special anniversary Envision season, Kyra Deva tells us that she has been able to let loose a little with this collection.  While her day to day design work often focuses on general wearability and the commerce side of creating apparel, Envision has been an opportunity to be more creative and have fun with designing.


Purchase your tickets today to see the Kyra Deva brand in action! www.envisionmpls.com