Envision Fall 2016 Designer Profile: Russell Bourrienne


Russell Bourrienne offers a fresh look at a memorable time in men’s fashion with his newest collection for Envision’s 10th Anniversary Show.


Custom men’s wear designer, Russell Bourrienne, has been designing for decades.  He got an early start at age 13 and was inspired by classic Italian designers among the ranks of Armani and Versace.  Having participated in around 10 seasons of Envision, Bourrienne has become a staple of the local fashion showcase.  As Envision looks back on 20 seasons, the designer takes the opportunity to go back to a landmark time in his own personal history with fashion and in the history of men’s wear itself.


Russell Bourrienne creates garments for men who prefer to stand out as individuals, those that are a little different than the rest of the pack.  Past collections and custom designs from Bourrienne are known for their distinct play with punchy colors and plaids and for their unique fabrication alongside his trusted tailoring skills.  The new collection, while more tonally subdued than some of the rest, contains numerous fabrics that Russell has had for up to 25 years, waiting until the timing and his mastery of tailoring were both exactly where they needed to be.


Envision attendees will see that the fabrics were worth the wait.  With a focus on more muted tones of black, brown, and white, the new garments are largely inspired by the September 1980 issue of GQ and Italian men’s wear at its finest.  Tweeds and leather are integral to Russell Bourrienne’s fall collection, and many of the leather items are constructed to a T, where they remain unalterable.


Don’t miss Russell Bourrienne’s new collection at Envision’s once in a lifetime 10th anniversary show.  Purchase your tickets now!  www.envisionmpls.com