Envision Spring 2016 Designer Profile: Emily Trevor

Emily TrevorEstablished local designer, Emily Trevor, will bring her sporty aesthetic wrapped up in a stunningly hand-detailed collection to the runway at Envision Spring 2016. Having sketched and planned for this April’s show with an entire collection in mind, Trevor decided to change directions after working with sequins for the first time on a dress for Falen of KDWB. Finding the meticulous detail work extremely rewarding, the designer returned to the drawing board. Within two days, she came up with the wonderfully quirky collection that is bound to wow fans on April 9.


While Trevor has worked with hand-sewn details before, this collection takes her work to a new couture level. Whether it’s sewing on one bead or sequin at a time or a dress that represents over one hundred hours of work by the time the pleating is finished, the collection is tied together by its finishing touches, as well as the hours of trashy television which kept Emily company during the work. Highlights from this season include a basketball jersey inspired by her husband, and finished with her own sequin twist, and a fur jacket that is “a ridiculous shade of purple.”


One accessory to accompany the garments on the runway is a particular pair of clear, thick-rimmed aviator glasses, a $10 Ebay score that the designer has been sporting daily. Handmade velvet chokers also tie together the sporty, formal, and funky collection. If the sheer amount of hours involved didn’t prove that the designer is living and loving this collection, Trevor calls her work, “feminine and flirty, but also sporty,” and, above all, “yummy.” As for how the “grandpa glasses” will pair with a ball gown, fans will just have to wait for April 9, and this one is definitely worth it.