Envision Spring 2016 Designer Profile: Handley


Handley’s beginnings in fashion design are a common story, but her upcoming collection and its materials are anything but ordinary.  Handley began creating at a young age, first dressing up Barbies, and later reworking thrifted clothes.  Working with her hands and recreating classical techniques has held true in Handley’s creations, but it’s this original play that really resonates throughout her newest Hiccup by Handley collection to be debuted at Envision Spring 2016.


Having recently graduated from MCTC, Handley calls the fashion design program where she was formally trained “the best kept secret.”  The young designer lists Jeremy Scott and Moschino as style inspirations.  She, too, appreciates challenging the seriousness of fashion.  She hopes to do her part in making fashion more accessible, relatable, and fun.


A longtime lover of the 1960s, Handley admits, “I know it’s sort of been done,” and confidently adds, “But I’m not done doing it yet.”  Her upcoming collection will be rooted in resort wear, with a playful visionary twist.  She imagines her collection to be the results of driving down Route 66 in California and stumbling upon a huge pool party at the back of a tucked-away motel, “It’s the people that would be there in 1969.”


A wild pool party calls for wild materials, and Handley’s passion for non-traditional textiles carries through to this collection in unexpected and surprising ways.  Left with a large amount of dyed hair extensions from a recently commissioned project, Handley says we’ll just have to wait to see how she’s incorporated them into her funky Envision Spring 2016 collection.

by Allison Shilinski