Envision Spring 2016 Designer Profile: Jenny Carle

Jenny CarleAfter showing her popular plaid-filled collection in the fall, Jenny Carle brings in a bit of Hollywood flair for Envision Spring 2016. The springboard for the designer’s upcoming collection is a floral print which she discovered on her last trip to New York and kept on reserve up until designing this season’s new work. The fabric’s pink, purple, and blue hues are much brighter than her usual selections, but when it is paired with vintage silhouettes and feminine film inspiration, this print makes the collection.


Growing up, Jenny Carle was inspired by the multitude of fabrics and textures in the wardrobe design of one favorite movie from her childhood, Clueless. Brimming with knits, chiffon, and tons of color, the 1995 film makes a good case for spring style. “It was a fun time in fashion,” Jenny says of the 1990s, when layering and mixing fabrics were key. Fans can look forward to these ‘90s-era elements making an appearance on the runway, with the designer’s favorite look layering a maxi dress in the collection’s signature print with a navy mesh tee.


Now that it’s been eight years since the launch of her brand, the Twin Cities designer can easily point to what she sees as her biggest challenge in putting together a collection. By the time she reaches the end of a design process, she finds herself with the important decisions of editing, choosing palettes, and pulling together a collection that has “from the beginning, become something completely different.” With this always dynamic design style and new, cool girl inspiration from Clueless and Valley of the Dolls, fans won’t want to miss how Jenny Carle has composed her latest collection at Envision on April 9.


by Allison Shilinski