Envision Spring 2016 Designer Profile: Joeleen Torvick

JoleenTorvick-1Returning to Envision for Spring 2016, Joeleen Torvick will bring her sophisticated design to the runway with the help of a unique natural inspiration. Taught to sew at a young age by her grandmother, Joeleen Torvick was set on fashion design after creating her own prom dress. She attended school for formal training in bridal wear design, and landed in the realm of women’s ready to wear with hopes of starting her own collection. One design icon that Torvick has gravitated towards as a favorite is Alexander McQueen, for what she calls the designer’s “fun, outgoing, and crazy… but cool” aesthetic, which she believes is still being channeled by the brand.


Although crazy, fun, and cool designs are inspiring for Torvick, she creates her clothes with her own vision. Citing the goal of making her garments wearable to women, she truly sees these women she designs for in each piece. With cool, confident, modern, and refined designs, Torvick does hope that those wearing her garments will be able to express their personal style and individuality while wearing her clothes.


The designer continues in her signature style while bringing in natural inspiration from a surprising source for her Spring 2016 collection. Inspired by the beauty of agates and rocks, she has drawn from their range of shapes and colors in creating her new work. Fitting with the organic lines found within her inspiration, this collection offers a fluidity in movement and a more relaxed aesthetic than found in past collections coming from Torvick’s studio. Fans can look forward to seeing a unique system of overlaying fabrics to create patterns in the new collection, and get ready for a Joeleen Torvick original jumpsuit to hit the runway at Envision Spring 2016 on April 9.


by Allison Shilinski