Envision Spring 2016 Designer Profile: Lauren Kacher of “Form Over Function”

Lauren KacherLauren Kacher brings her brand Form Over Function back to the runway for Envision Spring 2016. Having recently graduated from the University of Minnesota and debuting at Envision Fall 2015, Kacher is most known for her edgy designs in leather. Lauren worked for designer Gareth Pugh in London, and she looks to both Pugh and other designers such as Rick Owens for inspiration, referencing designs that are “minimalistic and dark” in which “everything is black.”


While minimalistic, dark, and utilizing a lot of black definitely describe some of Lauren’s work, these descriptors certainly don’t fit her ambitious personality or the imaginative and well thought out narrative that drives her work. Lauren’s previous collection, “Paramnesia,” was inspired by androgyny and the idea of breaking away from rigid gender roles in both fashion and society at large. The new collection, to be debuted this spring, is called “Illuminati” and will uphold the brand’s previous messages while adding its own rebellious flare, encouraging bold expressions of self identity. As the narrative settles in and grows this season, so does Form Over Function and its designer, Lauren Kacher.


Visually, Envision Spring 2016 attendees can expect a continuation of Form Over Function’s dark palette and skilled leatherwork which fans have come to love, alongside monochromatic color schemes and gold accents. As for why Form Over Function is going with the name “Illuminati” this season, it’ll take a close look to find out. On April 9, you might find the answer tucked away with the brand’s signature marks in the construction of each garment.


To learn more about Form Over Function, visit http://www.formoverfunctiondesign.com/