Model Of The Month: Ana Cristina

Known across the world for her talent, admirundone1ed for her beauty, and loved for her style, Ana Cristina has been taking the modeling world by storm with her edgy glam goth looks and take all attitude. Since being scouted at 17 in Minnesota, Ana Cristina’s career has been on the rise, with particularly amazing opportunities coming her way in the past year. Most recently, she has walked for major designers among the likes of Ralph and Russo, Marc Jacobs, and Dolce and Gabbana and received exclusive features in W Magazine and Vogue.


When she’s not working in Paris, Milan, London, LA, or New York, you might find Ana Cristina at home in Brooklyn painting or reading. Her current topic of choice is traditional Chinese medicine, often experimenting with essential oils. These aren’t her only scientific interests. Upon starting her career in modeling, Ana Cristina had goals of becoming a chemical engineer and creating biodegradable materials. While she remains vigilantly environmentally conscious and hopes to someday live on a farm in South America, the model is currently considering pursuing a career in art.


Ana Cristina says she’d love to see her art on the runway, and the world would be lucky to see it. Her personal style includes layers, textures, and, above all, originality, with some of her favorite pieces coming from vintage and local designer boutique, Kennedy Noir, in Paris. One look at this expert thrifter’s effortlessly cool Instagram or lifestyle-envy- inducing film photography on Tumblr will prove that she has a forte for expressing herself through both art and style. It’s not just for show, either. As she explains, “My art is an outlet for any and every emotion. It’s a good way to release tension or angst in a healthy way. It’s like creating beauty from inner demons.”


Alongside shoutouts to her mom, Beatriz, and boyfriend, Devan, Ana Cristina shares some words of wisdom. Her advice comes as no surprise when considering her breadth of interests and creative outlets, but it is definitely worth listening to given her skyrocketing career. She recommends that younger and newer models in the industry have something on the side to be very passionate about, “It’ll keep you sane and give perspective through hard times and rejection.” It certainly has worked for her, and the world looks forward to where Ana Cristina’s unstoppable modeling career and captivating creative drive will take her next.