Model of the Month: Anita Joo

Meet Anita — the former advertising exec-turned-model with killer cheekbones, a passion for baking and an inspiring work ethic. The St. Paul native started modeling a little over three years ago after submitting her photos to Ignite, and has been a part of the family ever since.


“I always wanted to be a model, since I was always the thin, tall girl growing up,” explains Anita. “So when I graduated college I thought I should submit my photos and give it a try.”


After signing with Ignite, Anita has gained representation around the world, including Los Angeles (Freedom Models), Milan (Wonderwall Management),  and Hamburg (Muga Models), working with a variety of clients, including NYLON and MCQ by Alexander McQueen (Anita stars in the MCQSwallow campaign).


Anita Blog-2


When she’s not on a job, Anita spends her time doing her two favorite things: baking and working out.


“I am into fitness mostly yoga/pilates and hiking. I enjoy cooking as well so I am always on Yummly, checking out new recipes. And I love going grocery shopping,” says Anita. “I also really enjoy baking cakes, and pies, and macarons so I may be working towards opening my own bakery. It’s actually one of my dreams to do so.”


Another one of her dreams? Working with the brilliant minds behind Louis Vuitton and Alexander Wang.


“Louis Vuitton is just so elegant yet cool and strong, and I love how creative director Nicolas Ghesequiere is so extremely talented but still so humble,” says Anita. “I also love Alexander Wang. I love the color black and he makes the pieces so simple yet strong. And someone once told me I kind of look like him!”


Anita Joo with Ignite Models


And while she does share a resemblance to the talented designer, she finds herself inspired by models, like SooJoo and Sita Abellan.


“I recently had the opportunity to work with Sita Abellan, and she is so inspiring in many ways. She was just born to be creative and is not afraid of trying something new. I also look up to asian models mostly because I know how difficult it is to be a model of color in this industry. I know how hard everyone is working, whether the public deems them “successful” or not,” explains Anita. “My favorite would have to be SooJoo. She started out modeling when she was a bit older but that didn’t stop her from coming out on top.”


We have no doubt in our minds that Anita will come out on top as well. You can follow Anita’s adventures on Instagram.