Model of the Month | Bri Morris

Adsc_7174 true brainy beauty, Ignite model Bri combines the best of California born and Midwest raised.  Coming up on five years as a model and with a rich career full of unique experiences behind her, Bri has landed everything from a spot in Prince’s music video for Rock and Roll Love Affair to shoots for Seventeen Magazine.  Modeling has now taken Bri all the way to Manhattan and even seeing herself larger than life on Macy’s in Herald Square.


Bri started researching agencies a few months before her high school graduation and eventually set up a meeting with Ignite Models.  Talking with the staff at Ignite, her modeling goals reached new heights.  Bri never dreamed of making a career as a model, but she’d soon be signing a contract with the established Minneapolis agency.  Fast forward five years, and Bri tells us on the phone that she never thought she’d travel to South Africa or Dubai, and now she can’t wait to see more of the world.


With a kind of daily uniform that includes black jeans, a tshirt, and her favorite shoes, Stan Smiths, she tops off her minimalist style with delicate, dainty jewelry selections and leaves the rest up to her vibrant personality.  Chatting with Bri also includes a bit of the unexpected.  One of her major interests in computer science comes from working alongside her grandfather.  A definitively inherited trait, Bri’s smarts in science come naturally to her.  Bri has played the flute since fifth grade, and she loves being outside when it’s not cold and in Central Park when it’s not busy.  Bri also enjoys psychology, but it’s no surprise that this charismatic gal thrives on connecting with other people.


Living every experience to the fullest, Bri takes in everything she can from the world.  The model carries a journal and loves to take pictures.  Realizing that year to year, things can change drastically, Bri is fond of looking back on her captured moments.  Similarly, Bri’s advice to those starting or considering a career in modeling is to soak in as much information as possible from every experience, because a lot of these encounters that take place in modeling don’t happen for everyone.  She says to embrace it all and have fun, and she looks forward to more of it all in her future with modeling and beyond.