Model of the Month: Muriel Rott

To celebrate the launch of our newly redesigned blog, we decided to feature one model each month so you can get to know the person behind the beautiful photos. For our first feature, we’re showcasing the ever-energetic Muriel, who talks about her plans for the future, what she does when she’s not modeling and how she learned self defense.


Muriel was scouted by another Ignite model Meghan Rook, after Muriel’s mom posted some photos of her on Facebook. Muriel’s mom and Meghan’s mom are best friends, which explains the random connection. Meghan forwarded Muriel’s photos onto Ignite, who then invited Muriel in for a meeting, and she’s been signed with the agency ever since. Within months, she earned New York and LA representation with Wilhelmina. Following graduation in May, Muriel will head to New York to start her full-time career.



“For runway, I’d love to walk for any French designers, like Balmain. Marc Jacobs would be sweet, too. Although my goal isn’t to walk in New York Fashion Week or Paris Fashion Week — my goal is to be in the September issue of Vogue.”


In her spare time, Muriel binge watches Criminal Minds, which inspired her to pursue a post-modeling career as a prosecuting attorney, with the hopes of eventually joining the FBI as a field agent, which is a rather random and specific profession, but for some reason it just makes sense for Muriel, which explains why she decided to learn self defense… on the internet and tried it out on her brother. Apparently it worked.

Muriel Rott Ignite Models


When it comes to her model role model, Muriel admires Karlie Kloss, not because of her supermodel status, but because of her work ethic (similar to Muriel’s own work ethic).


“Karlie Kloss is a hard worker. She had to work for everything she’s gotten. She seems humble to me. She goes to college. For her, modeling isn’t the end all be all, and that’s kind of how I feel too.”



Muriel Rott Ignite Models


After being a self described “scrawny awkward” dancer for most of her life, it wasn’t until Muriel started modeling that she finally felt like she found her place.


“As cheesy as it sounds, I thought dance was my thing, but it wasn’t until I started modeling that I realized this was my thing.”


Her love of modeling might only be surpassed by the love she has for her dog, Jack.


“Well actually, I have two dogs, but Jack is the more interesting one,” she explains. “He has spectacular eyebrows. His instagram is @jacks_toupee and you should follow him. Wait, follow me too! @xomuriel