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Sarah White is a Minneapolis artist with ties that run deep through the local creative scene. Her musical career spans everything from independently releasing two solo albums–including her most recent, Laughing With Ghosts–to creating youth programming for Walker Art Center and opening for the likes of Jill Scott, The Roots, and Amy Winehouse. This season, Sarah White adds providing the runway soundscape for Envision Spring 2017 to her impressive roster.


Although she’s been curating dance nights for a decade, Sarah has been feeling through music her entire life. Nonstop practice singing at the top of her lungs throughout her childhood paid off with her trademark sultry vocals and skillfully curated tastes. Growing up, Sarah White was influenced by iconic scenes of the ‘80s like punk and techno. Now, the queen of cool in Minneapolis looks to future soul djs and finding a reflection of herself in an increasingly diverse and expansive music community.


Sarah White is a true renaissance woman when it comes to creative endeavors, but it’s the message in the music that keeps her going. She believes in music for the collective good and social change, and her tracks and soundscapes bring people together for the better. Just a few of the nights she has been a part of and organized include Greenroom Magazine’s Hiatus, one which notoriously outgrew its spaces, her monthly night with DJ Keezy and Shannon Blowtorch, and her personal project right now, Queendom Come, a party featuring women of color with many up-and-coming voices. Whether it’s a dance night or an evening that brings together those who would be otherwise suffering alone, Sarah White’s musical career reaches to foster emotional connection and engagement.


Depending on the day, you could find Sarah White applying her artistic genius to styling an afro punk shoot for City Pages, working her full time gig as a photographer, or providing the music for the Twin Cities’ longest running fashion show this spring, all the while raising two children and not missing a beat. She will be serving the soundtrack for the runway at Envision’s 21st season, but don’t just call Sarah White a DJ. As the talented artist, musician, and community organizer puts it, “Call me what you want, but I play for dance floors–and packed ones.” This season, look forward to Sarah White’s rhythms as they complement the modern runway experience at Machine Shop for Envision Spring 2017.

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by Allison Shilinski


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